Recent incidents

French journalist and crew arrested, charged while covering Adani protest

Four French media workers have been charged with trespass while covering protests against a new Adani coal mine. Journalist Hugo Clément, producer Guillaume Durand and cameramen Clément Brelet and Victor Peressentchensky were filming near the Abbot Point port near Bowen, Queensland. They are in Australia filming a documentary series about the world’s oceans. At 7.00am … Read More

Tax office whistleblower facing significant jail time

A whistleblower could be jailed for up to 161 years for revealing misconduct in the Australian Taxation Office. Richard Boyle, 43, faces charges including using a listening device without consent and making a record of protected information. In April 2018 Boyle, a debt collector at the ATO, was a source for a joint Australian Broadcasting … Read More

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