Seven News reporter Paul Dowsley was pushed by police while covering a climate protest in Melbourne.

In a video posted to Twitter a group of Victoria Police officers can be seen shoving Dowsley as he attempts to pass them. "Do you mind? I'm walking here" he can be heard repeatedly saying, as a male officer threatens to arrest him and pushes him back. He appears to gesture in the direction he is trying to go as a female officer first pushes his shoulder, then grabs his jacket to push him back.

He is holding a microphone and somebody can be heard saying repeatedly "He's a journalist."

When he has passed the group of police, the same female officer follows him, grabs him by the jacket and tie, and attempts to push him back in the direction that he came from.

Dowsley declined to comment.

On Twitter he wrote that he was stunned, and that he was obeying their directions to move to another area.

The protesters were demonstrating outside the International Mining and Resources Conference 2019.

Date of incident 30 October 2019
Target Paul Dowsley
Affiliation Seven
Type Physical assault
Location Melbourne, Vic
Last updated 30/10/2019